A word about Donations:

We believe that letting people know what our offerings are worth is true and real.
It gives context and grounds us in the physical world which runs on money.
It shows we value ourselves. It shows a lot of things, actually.
It’s like a lesson in gift-giving.

We are offering our service, regardless of what you pay us.
You can use what we give however you like. That frees us up to give you everything we know to be true, whether you agree with it or not.  That part is up to you. If you do find value or healing in your experience with us, and want to keep our work sustainable, please do give a donation you feel is comparable to a similar “coaching” program or session – and tell others about our work.

45-Minute Cosmic Dialog Consultation Session – suggested $70 – $120
(required for all other programs)

12-week Comprehensive Cosmic Dialog program – suggested $2800 or $1000/month
Getting Quiet, Breakdowns and Breakthroughs, Trusting the Universe/Source
Ideal for “Corporate Dropouts”, Courageous Entrepreneurs, those shedding “Golden Handcuffs” who want to
Invest in a Total Multiplying Partnership with the Universe/Source/God

Includes a Custom Soul Circle from Rita Roberts and customized meditation
Weekly Cosmic Dialog sessions (60-90 minutes) for 3 months with recordings shared with you
Unlimited email followups and support


4-week Cosmic Dialog program – suggested $1000
Enough to become Inspired, Get Quiet, and Get Courageous
Great for Coaches, Therapists, or Practitioners needing a fast “Course Correction” from the Universe
Are you an Indigo?  We’d like to collaborate with you to shift the world!

Weekly Cosmic Dialog sessions (60-90 minutes) for 1 month with recordings shared with you
Unlimited email followups and support

Dream Journeying and Meditation Instruction
Coming Soon!

Add a Cosmic Dialog follow-up session (45 min) to any Custom Soul Circle order by donation.
(suggested $70 – $120)

Custom and Printed Soul Circles and Meditations from
(Many options from $65 – $550)

Download the FREE eBook - What it Means to Serve

A 50-page channeled text for Coaches and Healers on service, the Love Economy, and Serving Truth.

We see you.
We know who you are.
There’s no hurry.
We love you.

Transcribed by Rita Doyle Roberts
Forward by Scott Schumacher

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