I’ve spent much of my life walking between many worlds – listening to the voice of my Creator/Source/God/Universe for profound and creative answers to life’s many questions. As an eclectic life-long learner, I’ve been a classically trained vocalist, a leader and mentor for students, a creative IT specialist, web designer, and Spiritual Director.  I also spent two years in my 20s working on a suicide crisis phone line. Later in my 20s I found myself reading Tarot professionally for a popular psychic phone line (I had to tell my family I was providing ‘crisis counseling’ while doing so!).

I’m a firm believer in the Cosmic, Inter-dimensional, and Eternal Soul. We affect the cosmos, and our energy, intentions, intuition, and gifts are all manifestations of this Cosmic Soul.

As an intuitive, my greatest gift that I work with is that of actively engaging with the Dream World. Since the age of 15, I’ve had countless dreams of real-time events happening in the world, predictive “visionary” dreams, and other “dream walking” experiences which have validated my belief that we indeed step into an extra-dimensional space when we dream. This is a realm which is as real as the “waking” world.

I’m often thought of as a “Jason Bourne of the dream space” or a “Cosmic Fixer” because the “fixing” I do in dreams often has an effect in the waking reality.  I’ve rescued individuals from situations of “interdimensional slave trade”, have faced down demons, and have energetically witnessed real-time space weather and astronomical events as they have happened while dreaming.

I walk among trees frequently, receiving insights and messages when I go into the woods.  Often, I will just attract information and answers very quickly by simply being open to hearing or listening.  A perfect example comes from an interaction with Rita recently.  We were speaking about spirit attachments, and I was simply closing my eyes, thinking “What can I do in this situation?”  Seconds later my phone vibrates.  I answer to a pre-recorded message of “Hello, this is St. Mary’s prayer line.  If you are in need of prayer, press one and someone will call you back.”  How this prayer line even received my phone number is a mystery, but both Rita and I knew that Mary was working for us – then and there – at that moment.

I’ve been hit by lightning at 5 years old, been scratched by a ghost, taken a photo of a sasquatch, and have had countless supernatural/paranormal experiences throughout my life.  I’m a holistic health enthusiast, hospitalized just once at 2 years old for pneumonia, antiboitic free since 1996, and very happy to have walked out of many “industrial complex systems.”  We are more than what we know.  We are more than what we can know.  We are more than what systems of control WANT us to know.

I’m also a bit of a “fixer” in the waking world.  Some of the “jobs” I’ve done include:

  • The eviction and management of a separation process of an employee caught embezzling from a hypnotherapy clinic.
  • Testifying before the Minnesota House to block a restrictive bill to license Music Therapy (which would have put Sound Healers and other practitioners out of business), then crafting exemption language with the bill authors.
  • Advocacy, translation, and accompaniment of a migrant worker who’s work VISA expired after an injury on a job.  Secured his safe travel to Miami and then assisted in obtaining paperwork for him so he could fly home to Guatemala without detainment.
  • Assisting the mother of a missing man in collecting information from law enforcement agencies, public records, and court research with regard to her son’s disappearance. I also conducted casual conversational interviews with citizens and business owners in the area where her son disappeared and shared my findings with her.
  • Data collection and profiling with regard to the “Smiley Face Killer” phenomenon.
  • Historical research and human patterns profiling for two paranormal research organizations in Minnesota.  Helped to identify potential ghosts through genealogical, cemetery, and archived news records for three historic buildings.  Gave recommendations for human behavior in co-existing with these spirit entities based on historical and profile data.
  • Crisis Management and Counseling within the residence halls of a small college after the tragic death of a student struck by a drunk driver while walking near campus.