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Maybe you feel like your life to this point (and the whole world really) is going down the tank!  Maybe you’ve asked yourself:

  • I feel I’ve been put on the planet, in this lifetime, to do something big – but why have I wasted my time doing what I’m doing?
  • I know the world needs change-makers and I have a calling to step in to assist, but I also know that I’m not helping?
  • How can I pass on a world (or even my life as an example) to my kids, to show them that all this was “worth something”?
  • I feel like I could have a hand in the very evolution of the human race – but how do I break out of the “black hole” of consumption, achievement, and stress?
  • Have I wasted my life on a Big Mistake?  A Big Lie?
  • Am I just being a selfish hypocrite?
  • Am I just NUTS?!
  • How can I at least get a breather from this crazy world so I can maybe..just maybe start to CHANGE ME FIRST?


What you’re supposed to do and how you can achieve great things…


Show up every day and put in 100%. Keep striving. Keep achieving - measuring your worth to a constantly moving achievement target.


Play things safe. Keep it together. Do what you're told. Keep your nose clean. Ignore soul-level concerns.

Spend your years denying yourself, bankrupting your heart and soul, and feeding the "black hole" of consumption.


Until you have your necessary breakdown, and ask yourself the fleeting question of, "Is this really all there is??"

“How’s that working for you? “

You had a calling to help others.  You became a person of influence – maybe even a celebrity in your field.  You have all the credentials.  You read all the books.  You went to all the seminars.  You created sales funnels.  You had the best website.  You learned how to market like a boss.

And THEN you started questioning EVERYTHING!
THEN…you started to understand how YOU had secrets. 

Am I really helping?
Do people really want/need my “help”?
Who am I to think I can assist others in this?
Who would want my life?
I’m still blocked to receiving so what do I know?
Have I been really “responsible” by continuing to do what I know may not be helpful?
But am I ready to “walk out” of these systems to finally SERVE others correctly?
“What happens if I do?”
“What happens if I don’t?”
“Where is my soul in all of this?”


You KNOW that this is NOT “all there is!”

You feel it in your bones to be correct guidance — that if enough people chose, willingly, to dismantle themselves, their identity, facades, and their belief systems, that this would be the TRUE step to a “new global paradigm” of serving Love and Truth.

What if when you “walked away” – and COURAGEOUSLY QUIT those things that did not serve you – DID NOT SERVE LOVE AND TRUTH -and you found yourself saying:

I’m not sure where this is going, and I am both terrified and excited.  But for once I’m not denying my soul.

I feel like reality is now a transparent cloth and what I see beyond that cloth defies description. I feel as if I am going insane. But the truth is that I know I am actually becoming sane in an insane world.

I belong to neither world now, but stand in the twilight in between.


I feel like this is the only place that makes sense.  I’m so excited to be a part of this Cosmic Community! Sharon Bechtold

Artist, Pyrographer, Shamanic Teacher, BurningWithSharon.com

“This is serious woo, woo synchronicity so make sure you are seated…”

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Transcribed by Rita Doyle Roberts
Forward by Scott Schumacher

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