We have a full YouTube Channel of Cosmic Dialog, where we speak from the future as if it has already happened. We’ve continually done this exercise ourselves, which has given birth to this website and all of the things we do as “fixers”!
Today we talk about planting seeds, life reviews, going against or “counter” to the current systems, hopping timelines, time-travel, and trusting that God/The Universe has our back in all things.
When working with clients, this Comic Dialog is our initial point of inquiry into soul-level work.


Scott Schumacher

Scott Schumacher

Intuitive Fixer, Dream Walker, Investigator, Soul Profiler

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Rita Roberts

Rita Roberts

Artist, Channel, Path Shower, Cosmic Quitter, Keeper of Quiet

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The Third Loving Hand, Effective and Intangible Multiplier

Look at the Stars  – Walk with Trees


We’ve come up with A LOT of cool terms for what we do.  We’ve built all of the things you see here, completely through following our intuition and through insights, ideas, and “crazy phrases” that came up i our “Cosmic Dialog” sessions.

We have other ones like:

Getting Quiet is a Thing!
Putting ourselves in “storage”…
That’s It!  I Quit!  (We encourage courageous quitting!)
Loving Thugs
Cosmic Marketers

A “Cosmic Fixer” is a person or entity that works behind the scenes, breaks the rules, cuts through the bullsh**, and brings a solution, but keeps you 100% responsible for the outcome.  No gurus to fawn over, blame, or stroke your ego.  They keep you in your uncomfortability, encourage your breakdown, but pull you up lovingly, and dust you off, saying:

“You asked.  You’re welcome!”
“That’s the Deal!”

Often, these “fixers” are more “metaphysical” and come through in more “cosmic ways” – through meditation, dreams, or more intentional deep conversations.  We all get to be our own case studies, allowing validation to be discovered or to unfold in unexpected ways.

A Cosmic Fixer will also bring you closer to the “next most loving outcome” for you.  Sometimes we don’t know what that is.  And sometimes we learn lessons that are so valuable, and sometimes we get bumped and bruised on our way to learning to them.

The Universe can be a very “loving thug” indeed.


Getting Quiet

Getting Quiet is a Thing!  Becoming comfortable with our uncomfortability.

Cosmic Dialogue

We speak from our future selves to bring about insight, wisdom, and future knowledge.

Meditation Multipliers

Cosmic Soul Circle art and meditation become tools and technology to enhance consciousness.

Universe Partnership

Trusting intuition and allowing ourselves to be led and sustained by the Universe/Source/God

What others are saying…

I’m starting to get excited about this, because it describes exactly what’s going on in my life.  It’s like we’re all in a “transformational pause” – with one foot in the old broken paradigm, and the other in the quantum world of endless possibility. Pam Pech

Essential Leadership Consultant, ConnectingResources.org