Tony’s Travel Blog – Volume 1

Tony’s Travel Blog – Volume 1

A Guide to Traversing the Spirit World Volume 1 – Let’s Get Real ________________________________________________ Channeled by Rita Doyle Roberts I thought my life had meaning and purpose, but I didn’t start fully living it until after I died. Wouldn’t you...

Falling Apart and Cymatic Patterning

Last week, musician and sound healer, Leigh Ann Phillips wrote to me about my Soul Circles. “… the website looks beautiful. I love how you are basically doing cymatic patterning.” Boy, did that open a door. Thank you Leigh Ann! If you ever have the opportunity...


On a hike in the Southern San Juan Mountains a circle called to me. It wanted to be made on the topic of courage. I was on a steep slope, making my own switchbacks so as not to slip and fall. I was moving slowly downward after the accomplishment of having hiked up...

Corrected Money Flow #1

I give this drawing the designation of being #1 because I feel like it is here to teach me a lot of things I don’t yet understand and it will require subsequent circle drawings to teach me. However, I first drew this circle (below) in April on the topic of Money...

Breaking the Rules (and Learning the Real Ones)

What if we get to make up the rules of how our world works? What if our individual rules are made for us already, based on the qualities of each one of our unique souls? My rules are different from yours, and yours from mine. What if, outside of Universal Truths, my...

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