I give this drawing the designation of being #1 because I feel like it is here to teach me a lot of things I don’t yet understand and it will require subsequent circle drawings to teach me.

However, I first drew this circle (below) in April on the topic of Money Flow…

Money Flow 4/2/18

But, a few days ago, I burned it.

It seemed to represent a system of money flow that is incorrect. A covert exchange disguised outwardly as generosity (or capitalism?). I was planning to do a drawing today which would show me what a loving currency looks like. Not by happenstance I saw this video from Justin Dickerson explaining the history of our monetary system and where he sees it going: into peaceful dismantling. To me, it is a hopeful scenario.

Meditating with the current circle, it told me that only the “hole” (the small, dark areas outlined with white) is relevant, the rest is distraction. Future drawings will illustrate what the other side of that hole looks like and only people who can see in the dark will be able to make their way and function within the new monetary system.

Do what you will with that information. I’d be interested to know others’ interpretation of that message.

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