Rita and I often share our dreams of significance in what we call “The Fixer Report”.

This dream came to me on January 5, 2019, and spurred me to create!

My friend Ben and I had some kind of detective agency together and someone came to us because they believed someone was after their son, and was going to kidnap him. We listened to their story, and all the while in our office was a person that was a melding of my old friend Jason and Ben’s friend Anthony. We’ll just call him Anthony.

After the couple left who talked about their son, Anthony spoke up from his chair, a recliner, while texting on his phone, saying, “Oh..just so you know.. I was never here! Ok?”

“Let me check with Ben on that,” I told Anthony.
I relayed the message to Ben, and then he came forward to Anthony with what looked like Monopoly Money, and handed Anthony a bill.

The bill looked like a one-dollar bill, but had these words on it:

No. Absolutely Not. Period. No.

All Ben had to do was hand Anthony the “No” bill.

I woke up and didn’t know at first what to think of this simple dream, but as I cleared my head and sat up on the edge of my bed. Then the message seemed pretty clear.

“When we say no to things that aren’t of service to us, or we say no to keep others accountable for themselves, we increase our own value. No is a currency.”

So therefore, here is a very cool template that you all can glean from, print, copy, etc.  Print out hundreds of them and challenge yourself to say NO! throughout 2019.  Give them away to whomever you say no to, or stick them in a piggy-bank or jar to show your own value grow as you fill the jar.

Maybe 2019 is your Year of No!