Dreamers.  Woo-Woo. Whacked.

We live in a world of structures and systems, many of these imposed upon us.  A “matrix” if you will. This matrix has rules that we all must follow, or we most definitely may “meet our peril” at every outward step.

We have to get good grades, go to the best college, pick a practical career, make good money, then hold off on our dreams until we retire.

We hand over our health and our bodies to the medical industrial complex, fueled by political wind and synthetic experiments rather than the support to heal ourselves.

Politics becomes the newest “religion” that divides us into camps so that we can be distracted, fight amongst ourselves, and not question the greater powers at work.

We have to “hold it together” and cannot be seen as weak, or even feel uncomfortable.  When we feel uncomfortable, we reach for a pill, find the next addiction, find the next coach or guru, the next self-help book (and only 5% of us ever finish that book). 

Crazy things like Meditation, Intuition, Counter-practices, napping, dreaming, and relying on “The Universe” to deliver often raises eyebrows (Put all of THAT in a business plan!).

We avoid, delay, or deny our own breakdown or dismantlement.  The world needs to change. 
But not me.

Yet we’s all a LIE.  It’s all an illusion that doesn’t serve us.


We realize, that for too long, we’ve all been dancing a “crooked dance”.

Society can be a bizarre alternate universe. Much like a hospital.  A massive system of power, hierarchy, control and helplessness. Yet, much of humanity accepts that this is normal.

Let’s not.

Instead, when our bodies gently knock, let’s answer the door to our souls. Let’s listen to what our physical selves are communicating in soul language.

Let’s adjust our beliefs or behaviors to assist the bigger picture of who we are so that our physical bodies don’t have to go to greater lengths to get our attention.

Let’s show the world that health and ongoing vitality is normal.

Imagine how many destructive, parasitic systems would collapse if that notion caught on.

Simply feeling our feelings. Just this one adjustment in belief systems — it’s really okay to feel every emotion and every physical sensation as it comes up — could change the entire world. A simple embracing of enough humility and self-responsibility to pay attention to what naturally and rightfully belongs to each of us — a physical body, a spirit body/existence and a soul.

Everything we need to know is available to us within ourselves.

Let’s be well and learn the language of the soul.


How we balance the Universal Equation to the Most Loving Outcome


We get Comfortable with Discomfort and the DATA of all of our feelings and all of our experiments.


We thenbecome the Multipliers for the Universe in serving Love and Truth when we Show Up and Get Quiet

We have our Life Reviews, Breakdowns, and Dismantling Events


The Universe brings us to the Next Most Loving Outcome


Thank you, Scott and Rita for opening up a space for me to fall into. I’ve been quitting stuff for a while now. I know I have to truly be okay with allowing my own pain before I have enough heart to help heal anyone else’s. Vivienne Lucksom

Certified Healer, PureBioenergy Practitioner