If you’ve come across this there’s no going back. Beware the urge to duck away!

Our offerings are an invitation to greater Truths. Easy. No pressure.


Those who truly engage in what we offer, see changes in their lives – leading them toward greater changes, causing them to engage further which multiplies the results, and so on.


Those who encounter us, receive from us, but choose to deny the opportunity they’ve been given, ALSO see changes in their lives.  HOWEVER, those changes may be bigger nudges to assist them back to engaging the practices of getting quiet, quitting, etc., to open to greater blessings available to all.

These nudges may be seemingly pleasant but they find out later that they are just dangling carrots, shiny unfulfilling objects to attain.

OR they may be unpleasant.

OR downright awful.

It depends on how deep the resistance is in each individual and how big that “brick from the Universe” needs to be in order to get their attention.

In essence, we offer blessings.
We’re not about “niches” – at all!

Try putting that in a sales pitch – or a business plan!

We even ask ourselves questions:

  • Can we own that without sounding self-important?
  • Or do we state outright somehow, “You’d better work with us, or you’re in for it.”?

More humor but true:
“We can make this easy or we can make this hard.”

“Fixers” can be “loving thugs” indeed.  We offer you a blessing, peace, ease, a way out of your own bullsh**, a path that may lead away from a miserable illness in old age, the elimination of “dangling carrots” that you won’t have to chase, etc.

But that’s almost the least of it!

Anyone, ANYONE! can do what we’re doing, for God’s sake!

We are making a venture by giving to each other. Each of us is equally important in this. There’s no fear, no pandering, no worries about offending, no worries that the other will judge, ignore, reject.

Any venture can be done this way.

A family, a business, a class, a romantic/soulmate relationship, a vacation with friends, a whole friendship, a meeting, a casual conversation… the list is endless.

It starts in a relationship with yourself, but we need the experience of it – working with others for it to be real and to grow. We are creating catalysts for making this way the norm. A movement, a societal shift, a progression of soul.

Who cares about goals when we can shift the world?

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We see you.
We know who you are.
There’s no hurry.
We love you.

Transcribed by Rita Doyle Roberts
Forward by Scott Schumacher

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