We offer “Corrective Consulting” to those within the
“Black Hole of Consumption”  (including CEOs, business owners, “experts”, gurus, etc.) who wish to learn and grow in directions that never occurred to them.
For your casualties, we simply shepherd them through their darkness in a way that you could not.
You will learn how to grieve your previous collusion as you move forward.

Be ready to let go of old ideas of what you wanted to accomplish or attain, so you can embrace what you were perfectly designed to be.

Be prepared for an idea adjustment, and correction of all the daily doing surrounding those old ideas.
Be ready to be uncomfortable!

Are you SO courageous that you believe your SOUL’S CARE is your number one concern?
Are you willing to trade sides and join the “fixer” movement?

If you are that courageous, we’d love to hear from you!
If you are SERIOUSLY at a point, during or beyond your breakdown, where you know a “fixer” is needed, you can schedule an initial consultation below.
If you’re on the fence – go find “yet another coach” and don’t kick our tires!
All consultations are confidential.

Consultation Appointments are $120
“You’ll get our bill.”

A word about our fees:

We believe that letting people know what our offerings are worth is true and real.
It gives context and grounds us in the physical world which runs on money.
It shows we value ourselves. It shows a lot of things, actually.
It’s a lesson in honoring our gifts and not putting them out for mis-use.

Our guidance and mentoring programs START at $2500.
You can use what we give however you like.
That frees us up to give you everything we know to be true, whether you agree with it or not.
That part is up to you.


 Since we can’t just light a match and burn it all down for you – we offer various programs and wish to be as transparent and confidential as possible.  When you enroll in a program, we give you our full attention.  Our attention is no-holds-barred, completely customized, unfiltered, and in partnership with the Universe/Source/God.  We work with individuals and groups who are courageous, self-responsible, and willing to grow in uncharted territory.  Currently, here is what we are offering.

45-Minute SOUL LEVEL* Cosmic Dialog Consultation Session – $120
(required for all other programs – *This is not about you making millions of dollars – we are tending to Soul Level work)

 8-week Comprehensive Correction program – Starting at $5000.
Getting Quiet, Breakdowns and Breakthroughs, Trusting the Universe/Source
Ideal for “Corporate Dropouts”, Courageous Entrepreneurs, those shedding “Golden Handcuffs” who want to
Invest in a Total Multiplying Partnership with the Universe/Source/God, and tending to your SOUL.

Includes a Custom Soul Circle from Rita Roberts after week 4
Weekly Cosmic Dialog sessions (60-90 minutes) for 2 months with recordings shared with you
Unlimited email followups and support
Many meditations and tools for your use on a daily basis
Rita’s book:  What it Means to Serve
Includes all our “shortcuts” listed at the bottom


4-week Cosmic Correction program – Starting at $2500.
Enough to become Inspired, Get Quiet, and Get Courageous
Great for Initiates needing a fast “Beat Down” from the Universe
Consider this you Mini-Smackdown!  Get your first aid kit ready!

Weekly Cosmic Dialog sessions (60-90 minutes) for 1 month with recordings shared with you
Unlimited email followups and support for one month.
Shortcuts below are extra.

You want a shortcut?!  OK..Up to you!$400 (after you pay for your consult)
Rita’s Book:  What It Means to Serve
11 Soul Circle Meditations
A 15-day Creation Prayer Course
30 days of email correspondence with Scott and Rita
..and that’s it.

“What if we are the conduit for the “seeding” of new Indigo Children on Earth, or one of the conduits? In a time where the systems in power rely on “terminator seed” so that they can control life, patent it, etc. What if “Soul Circles”, Meditation, Quitting, and Universal Multiplying could mimic the taursion energy flow of the Cosmos?  What if that is the very energy that can break the control of structures that no longer serve us? All of this can be a “new technology” that allows us to help others become new “seeds” that are self-regulating.  We can change the story of ourselves, our planet, our Universe.”
-Scott Schumacher